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Our Team

Head office Laufach

Testcenter Rhein-Main (TRM) GmbH
Gerstenberger Straße 18a
63846 Laufach

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Dr.-Ing. Norbert Fecher

Phone: +49 6093 307834
Fax: +49 6093 307932
Cell phone: +49 163 4626248
Mail: norbert.fecher(at)trm-gmbh.de

Moritz Fecher
Office assistant

Cell phone: +49 1590 1862981
Mail: moritz.fecher(at)trm-gmbh.de

Darmstadt site

Testcenter Rhein-Main (TRM) GmbH
c/o TU Darmstadt | FG Fahrzeugtechnik
Maschinenbauhalle 2
Gebäude L1|06
Ottilie-Bock-Straße 2
64287 Darmstadt

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Jörg Eberlein
Test bench operator

Phone: +49 6151 16 24210
Fax: +49 6151 16 24205
Mail: eberlein(at)trm-gmbh.de

Reinheim site

Testcenter Rhein-Main (TRM) GmbH
Darmstädter Straße 72-78
64354 Reinheim

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Albert Luft M.Sc.
Project engineer
Phone: +49 6162 2809724
Fax: +49 6162 2809726
Mail: albert.luft(at)trm-gmbh.de

Our team is complemented by two closely integrated framework contract companies with a mechanical engineering background (foremen, technicians and skilled workers). In addition, we are supported by an electronics technician in part-time employment and we always employ 3-5 working students.

When working with suppliers, we attach great importance to long-term and trusting cooperation with local companies.