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Here we show you how easy and comfortable it is for you to operate the AART. If possible, use Youtube’s subtitle function in the tutorials to get the information you need to understand the videos. The subtitles are currently available in German and English.

Table of contents for the tutorials:

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  1. Overview
  2. Installation and commissioning
  3. Test operation
  4. Maintenance

1. Overview


This video provides an introduction to the function and operation of AART.

2. Installation and commissioning


The video shows the installation, setting up, adjustment and commissioning of the AART.

Base frame cover sheet assembly

This video explains how to assemble and disassemble the machine casing.

Operation of the doors

Here you can find out how to open and close the door and the maintenance hatch.

3. Test operation

Preparing of the sample

Here you can find out what to consider when preparing your samples for the test.

Adjusting the dropping height

The video shows, how to adjust the correct dropping height.

Carrying out a test according to EN 17092

In this video we explain an entire test sequence according to EN 17092.

Performing aerodynamic test

The video shows you how to perform the aerodynamics test.

4. Maintenance

Rubber pad replacement

The video shows the replacement of the rubber pads.

Rubber pad levelling

The video shows how to properly grind in the rubber pads.

Mass carrier assembly

In this video we show how you can install and remove the mass carrier.

Sample carrier assembly

Here we show you how to remove and install the sample carrier and how to maintain the splined shaft.

Road tile replacement

In this video we show the installation and removal of the concrete road tile.

Road tile adjustment

In this video you will learn how to correctly adjust the concrete road tile in the machine.

Lifting mechanism

In this video we show the function and maintenance of the lifting mechanism.

Interlocks and safety switch

Here we show you how to reset the emergency stop status and how to maintain the interlocks.

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