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The way to your own AART

If you would like to purchase an AART test rig for your company, we would be happy to prepare an individual quotation for you as follows:

EU customers are served by TRM directly. Please get in touch with Dr. Norbert Fecher.

Asian customers are served by PIN-KUI SCIENTIFIC LIMITED. Please refer to http://www.pin-kui.com/fhf/1470.html, Mr. LOGEN, Jiang.

For economic reasons, TRM does not produce machines in stock and does not build up a stock of assemblies. In order to keep costs low for our customers, we have decided to produce the AART in a small series of three to four machines per series. Therefore, we collect all incoming orders on two key dates per year (1 January and 1 July) and then start the ordering process with our suppliers.

For the production of the large assemblies, such as the housing with cladding or the concrete tile, we have been working very successfully with local companies from the Rhine-Main area for many years. We source the electrical components from well-known manufacturers and suppliers from all over Germany. Before the final assembly of the AART at our premises in Reinheim, the delivered parts are subjected to a quality control. Finally, the machine is commissioned and extensively tested with calibration of the track in the installed condition.

Due to our production structure and the current supply chain situation, a delivery time of approximately ten months from order confirmation is to be expected.

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