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AART Test Rig

The Advanced Abrasion Resistance Tester AART is produced and sold by TRM under a worldwide, exclusively issued license from the Technische Unversität Darmstadt. It was specially developed for tests according to EN 17092 and enables the tests to be carried out conveniently and ergonomically. Three material samples (e.g. the same material at three different angles) can be tested in one test run.

Advanced Abrasion Resistance Tester (Series 042)

The main features of the AART 042 are:

  • Material test according to EN 17092: 2020
  • Ergonomic design
  • Toolless sample loading
  • Intuitive operation via a user-friendly 7 ″ touchscreen
  • Robust machine housing with removable cladding parts (quick-release fasteners)
  • Maximum occupational safety due to CE conformity
  • Complete scope of delivery including starting equipment of consumables
  • Extremely robust machine designed for continuous use in test houses
  • Extremely low maintenance
  • Maintenance of the machine can be carried out by the customer himself (see tutorials)

Beyond the required framework of EN 17092: 2020, the following test parameters can be varied for further investigations:

  • Driver mass 75 kg (EN17092-1: 2020) and variable
  • Surface pressure (18.75 ± 0.2) kPa (EN17092-1: 2020) and variable
  • Mass inertia according to (EN17092-1) and variable
  • Fall height (10 ± 1) mm (EN17092-1) and variable
  • Initial speed according to (EN17092-1) and variable

The AART automatically carries out an analysis and evaluation of the measured variables for each test, so that you receive an output of your measurement results after the test:

Initial speed[n_Init]U/min
Effective impact speed[n_eff]U/min
Real time speed[n_RT]U/min
Slip path[s_slide]m
Slip time[t_slide]sek
Friction coefficient[µ_mean]1

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