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Development of “Darmstadt Method”

The Institute of Automotive Engineering (FZD) at TU Darmstadt has been researching the safety of motorcyclists in the event of an accident for around 30 years. The starting shot for the current European standard EN 17092 was given by Dr.-Ing. Alois Weidele in 1980 with his diploma thesis „Testverfahren und Untersuchungen zur Ermittlung praxisnaher Kenngrößen von Materialien für Motorrad-Schutzbekleidung“ (Test procedures and investigations to determine practical parameters of materials for protective motorcycle clothing). The results of his work brought about the “Darmstadt Method”, which FZD has consistently developed over several milestones over the past few decades.

From the idea to the standard

1980 – The “Original Machine”
Dr. Alois Weidele developed the “Original Machine” Mk 010 as part of his diploma thesis at the Institute of Automotive Engineering (FZD) of the then TH Darmstadt.

1988 – Mk 020
Revision of the “Original Machine” in terms of ergonomics and modernization of the measurement technology. Mk 020 remains a long-term companion in research operations and in industrial cooperation.

2012-2020 – Standard design by the TU Darmstadt
Scientific assistants from FZD contribute research results and know-how to the working group CEN / TC 162 / WG9 – Protective clothing for motorcyclists and play a decisive role in the design of the EN 17092 series of standards. In 2020 the draft standard prEN 17092 became the valid EN 17092-1… 6: 2020 and will thus replace EN 13595: 2002.

From the standard to the product

2015/16 – Mk 030
Enhancements of the Mk 020 at FZD, taking ergonomics and CE requirements into account, lead to the pre-series model Mk 030. The many years of use with industrial partners confirm the ergonomic concept.

2018 – Mk 041 “AART” development by Testcenter Rhein-Main (TRM) GmbH
As part of the technology transfer, TRM as a spin-off company of the TU Darmstadt, develops the AART (Mk 041) for series production with CE conformity and starts production for the European market. With this step a commercial material test according to prEN17092-1 is possible for the first time.

2020 – Mk 042 “AART”
Extensive optimizations to the machine housing of the Mk 042 model series enable new production processes and, in addition to a significantly improved design, offer increased user friendliness and increased quality with shorter delivery times.

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